PASBO is committed to providing exceptional professional development and education to all school business officials. Through online and face-to-face workshops, webcasts and conferences, our members are able to learn from experts in the field about relevant topics and trends in school business operations that allow them to provide the best learning environment for students throughout Pennsylvania.

All of the educational opportunities offered by PASBO will allow our members to keep abreast of trends and best practices in school business management, increase their knowledge and skill level and prepare for the next phase of their career. 

The types of Professional Development provided by PASBO are:

FYI – a shorter virtual event (usually 30 mins to one hour) on more targeted School Business topics, usually in a “How to” format/style

Webcast – a virtual event on a specific topic within an area of School Business ranging from 1 hour to several hours in length depending on the topic

Workshop – an in person, partial or whole day, event on a specific topic(s) within an area of School Business

Bootcamp – 1- or 2-day intensive overview of all key concepts/topics in a specific area of School Business

Elements Courses – a broad overview of a School Business area offered at least one time during the year and conducted in a format much like a college course with class time, assignments, quizzes, etc.  The typical Elements courses are online, 4 week asynchronous courses with 1 unit per week. Students will complete 1 quiz and 2-3 discussion questions per unit. Students will also have the opportunity to join 3 calls with the instructor, including the initial kick off call. The in-person courses are run as a 1 day workshop where the concepts are reviewed and the discussions happen in person, with the quizzes being taken online after the in-person portion. For the in-person courses, all 4 units are covered in 1 day. The in-person courses are labeled in the event title.  
2023-2024 Elements Courses

School Operations Academy – 1.5 day in person event held every July, in which sessions are offered in each School Business area providing a broad overview of many key concepts/topics in those areas.

Conferences – multi-day in person opportunities (different months of the year) to attend sessions on a variety of current and/or hot topics in various areas of School Business (areas covered vary based on the conference itself).

School Business Area Series – a multi-week virtual learning series offered at least once per year that provides an intensive overview of/deep dive into all key concepts/topics in a specific area of School Business.

Insights – Whether or not you have daily interactions with other offices within your LEA, it is important to share information and work as a team. Our Insights series will showcase that informational exchange. For example, as a Technology Director, what would help you to know about the operations of the Facilities department? How could the Facilities department benefit from hearing about the operations of your department? These panel discussions will help you better understand what is going on in the operations of the LEA as a whole and how it can impact your job.

First-things-First – an in-person, small-group, with hands on work, deep dives and lively discussions. Designed for new members or more tenured members moving in to new business office roles. Tell us what your issues are, or topical areas you desire to be addressed; or describe the issues you face and we’ll look to connect to expertise and resources. The limited enrollment will allow for presenter preparation and to address specific needs, it will allow for cross-over learning on several topics even as we address specific needs and requests of days participants. For those so new their topic or job, who are not sure what specifically to ask for…just tell us that too….the session will cover general and overarching school business topics. 


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