Professional Certification

Increase Your Professional Worth. Get Certified Today!

General Certifications

Ideal for any LEA employee looking to take the next step in building their career. The general certification program has 3 designations that are determined by qualifying requirements. Download the Program Guide or Application for more information.

  • PA Certified School Business Administrator (PCSBA)
  • PA Certified School Business Official (PCSBO)
  • PA Certified School Business Specialist (PCSBS)

Specialty Certifications

Are you serious about learning all your can about your specific job in facilities, transportation, or payroll? Our specialty certifications will signify your dedication to becoming an expert in your field, by continuing your education and gaining more knowledge and skills for the job at hand.

Questions? Please contact Stephanie Stehman at or (717) 540-9551, ext. 250
NOTE: Education credit history is not available at this time. If you need to review your credits or educational history, please contact Stephanie.

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