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PASBO recognizes that there are a great number of new leaders entering into school business who may need some guidance as they navigate their way into their new career.  The value of having a trusted mentor in school business is immeasurable – particularly for the first year of a new job or role.  Having a colleague to connect with, ask questions, and get hands on support can ensure success.  PASBO’s Mentoring Services are designed to offer exactly that.

The Roles:

The mentee’s role is to manage the mentoring partnership. Since the partnership is focused on the mentee’s learning objectives, it is essential that potential mentees devote time to clarifying professional goals and identifying strengths that will promote the achievement of those goals and development areas that may be obstacles.

The mentor’s role is to share experience, insights and feedback that will guide the mentor in the achievement of his or her learning objectives. Listening plays an important part in the mentoring role – listening to understand the mentee’s goals and to uncover key learning opportunities that support those goals.

PASBO’s role is to provide tools and resources to support mentoring relationships.

 Mentoring IS

  • A partnership between a Mentee and a Mentor – providing both with opportunities to share talents, skills, experiences, and expertise.
  • Focused on the growth and development objectives of the Mentee, supplementing learning experiences afforded through regular training and on-going coaching and feedback from colleagues.
  • A valuable, but optional/voluntary, feature of a comprehensive approach to personal and professional development.
  • An investment of time, energy, and thought from both the Mentee and the Mentor.

 Mentoring IS NOT

  • Random – it is planned and structured. Forging an effective mentoring relationship involves one-on-one meetings, follow-up and on-going evaluation of progress toward meeting learning objectives.
  • Bound by the parameters of the Mentee’s current job or role – although professional growth has a positive impact on an individual’s current contribution, the focus of mentoring can be broader, enabling the Mentee to explore capabilities needed for future opportunities as well.
  • For everyone – the time invested in effective mentoring experiences is substantial and the readiness to commit to that investment is driven by a variety of factors including development needs and current responsibilities.

Any questions about PASBO’s Mentoring Services, please reach out to Bobbi Billman at

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